The Designer and Creator of Judit Mátyus Design Jewelry

My name is Judit Mátyus and I am the designer and creator of Judit Matyus Design jewelry. I am Hungarian and I have been living in California for two years now. I arrived to the point when I can say I feel confident to start blogging. (I would like to mention, that English is not my mother tongue, but it is a language that opened new horizons to me. Since I love to read, the language of international communications became once my language too.) I would like to bring you closer, dear reader and jewelry lover, to my life of a jeweler, silversmith and sensitive creature of this brilliant matrix called life.

Judit MatyusI would love to write about my world, the world of femininity, natural elegance, and simplicity. These jewelry are the embodiment of my creativity and inspiration. I create every piece of jewelry with great care and passion and fill them with love and light. I believe that every gemstone is wonderful, no matter how raw or refined it is. The jewelry becomes perfect by creating it with enthusiasm and by choosing the best matching gemstones for the particular context.

I love to work with bright colors and carefully selected gemstones. They have great vibrations and energies. By writing short posts about the gemstones I work with I would like to help you choose gems that best fit you and jewelry that highlights your one of a kind personality. These crystals and precious metals may have good effect on your physical body and state of mind.
I hope by following this blog you will be able to choose the jewelry that best enhances your mood and resonates with your natural beauty, making you simply feel good about yourself.

Judit Mátyus