Peridot, a silicate mineral variety, is a semiprecious gemstone that occurs in only one color, olive-green. The intensity and tint of the green may vary depending on how much iron is in its crystal structure.

Peridot is a beautiful gemstone with history that goes back in the ancient times.

Peridot Ring by Judit MatyusDiscovered 3500 years ago by the Egyptians, it was said to have magical powers, often used for healing and protection (against nightmares, and evil spirits).
It is said to promote prosperity, success, good luck, and happiness, Peridot affects the 4th, the Heart chakra. As a healing crystal it can be beneficial for the whole body, particularly for the heart, lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys. Peridot increases its wearer’s self-confidence. On an emotional level, Peridot helps you to release negative emotions, such as hate, anger, jealousy and fear. More info at
Symbol of the undying love.

Heart chakra stone.
August birthstone.