Amethyst, The Stone of Spirituality

Amethyst is a type of crystal quartz often used in jewelry making. Occurs in purple and violet hues. Semiprecious stone, is the traditional birthstone for February. The name comes from the Ancient Greek, the mineral being considered protector from drunkenness. 

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and spiritual growth.

Purple Amethyst Solo RingIt brings clarity of the mind, calmness and inner peace where there is anxiety and confusion. It is associated with spiritual awareness and balance. Heightens natural intuition and protects its owner against themselves, when addiction is concerned. Eases anxieties, assist better decision making, marvelous aid in overcoming addictions, supportive of the emotional body. Negates anger, guilt, fear, impatience. Its physical healing properties calm the nervous system, insomnia; elixir in the treatment of arthritis. Strengthens the immune system and supports oxygenation in the blood. Stimulates the nervous system to optimum performance.

7th Chakra (Crown) stone.
February birthstone