Becoming a graduate bench jeweler

This early summer I packed my tools and moved from sunny California to the wonderful Tennessee. With the support of my husband, I embarked on a journey to indulge myself in the depths of the profession I most love.

I spent these last 3 months with a group of jewelers to get insight to advanced stone setting and fabrication. It was the best study experience I ever had. I dedicated hundred percent of my energy and focus -maybe even more- to this project. Since I am the sole jeweler of the Judit Matyus Design, the shop was not updated with new products during this time.

Let me present you in a couple of photos what I’ve been up to.
Advanced stone setting: setting fancy shapes, emerald cuts, baguettes, princess cuts, pear shapes and others.


Engraving: adding decorative lines, patterns, floral embellishment to the finished jewelry.


Setting micro stones: setting tiny little stones (4mm and smaller), pave work, thread set jewelry.


Fabrication: melting and pouring the precious metal, rolling the stock and creating wonderful jewelry from it, making settings for the gemstones, ring shanks and others.


Working with great precision calls for high tech.


I am very thankful for this amazing experience at New Approach School for Jewelers, for the great talent and infinite patience of my venerated teacher and master jeweler, Blaine Lewis, and his assistant, Drew Hadley. Also thanks for the engraving lessons for the master craftsman, Jason Marchiafava.


Thank you dear Friend for supporting me on this journey! With renewed powers and improved skills I am now at your service to turn your dreams in silver, gold and platinum. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for custom works.

Geared up and ready,
Judit Mátyus