Judit Mátyus

Quality is self respect.

Coming from a family of manufacturers, I learned from an early age that one must respect the tools she works with. As a young girl I used to watch my father at his workbench how he sat there for hours working on one piece with enormous patience.

I imagined him as a wizard or a blacksmith from a fairytale, being able to create almost anything with his huge hands and much cherished tools.

His ambition, perfectionism and perseverance inspired me as a little girl to try to create my own earrings. When I told him about my plans, he gave me as a gift a pair of pliers with red handles, and so it began.

Soon all my friends wanted their customized jewelry and I started making pocket money. My hunger for this profession kept growing.

Now, many years later I own a small studio in California. I work as a designer and respected silversmith feeling accomplished every day and making my father proud.