Jewelry Care

General Care for Jewelry

Jewelry care is simpler than you ever thought, there are a few things to look out for. Since every metal can scratch, please be precautious about the following things, in order to keep your jewelry in great condition. Take off your rings when doing housework, exercising, or doing other activity that requires physical effort. Put your jewelry on after your make-up and perfumes. Protect them from chemicals and abrasive agents. Polishing cloths can bring back the shine of your jewelry, but they will not help to remove scratches. In order to preserve the high polish, it is recommended to store your jewelry in anti-tarnish bags or closed jewelry boxes.

Silver Jewelry Care

jewelry careSterling silver tarnishes over time, this is a property of sterling silver. This is a natural process, and it has noting to do with the quality of the silver. Sterling is an alloy, and the small amount of copper reacts with different environmental agents. Take extra caution to avoid contact with bleach, it turns silver black! Perspiration accelerates the tarnishing process, so it is a good idea to remove your silver jewelry during workouts. Usually swimming pool water and tap water contains chlorides for hygienic reasons, so you may want to remove your jewelry before showering and swimming. If you are allergic to metals such as copper, wear them with caution! Natural tarnish gives silver a darker tone, that can be easily removed. In this case ask your local jewelers help. All silver jewelry made by Judit Matyus Design have a special wax coating, that helps slow down the natural tarnishing process.

Gemstone Jewelry Care

Different gemstones have different structures and surfaces. Some may have porous surface, and may be more susceptible to chemicals. Avoid contact with chemicals and abrasives.