We Accept Monero – Please read

We are excited to announce that we started accepting BitCoin and Monero cryptocurrency as a form of payment on our website. We are working on integrating a “Monero” Purchase button on our website, until then you can use our contact form to contact us if you would like to make a purchase using BitCoin or Monero cryptocurrency.

In order to make a purchase using BitCoin or Monero cryptocurrency please contact us using our contact form.

  • Before you Contact us please check if the item you would like to purchase is Not SOLD OUT

Here are the steps that will follow:

1. When using the contact form for purchase please be sure to list the following

  • The name of the item you would like to purchase
  • Any other additional information, we would need to know to serve you example:
    • Length of the necklace
    • Type of the necklace
  • The number of the items you would like to purchase

2. Please allow 1-2 business day for us to reply in email. Once we receive your email we will initiate a payment request on the Monero network.

3. Once the payment has been received we will ship the product within 1-2 days via USPS First Calss mail. And update you on the status of your order.

4. Once you receive the product please share a photo of it on social media with the following hashtags #juditmatyus and #monero

To get to know our brand and the work we do please consider following us on Instagram @juditmatyus.


While this page and our promotional banner is up we are still accepting MONERO (XMR).

As of Today we are accepting ONLY BITCOIN (BTC) and MONERO (XMR) cryptocurrency, this may change in the future. We hope to accept other crypto coins in the future but we also reserve the right to change our policy on cryptocurrencies all together at any time.


We hope to hear from you soon,

-the Judit Mátyus crew